GACKT’s Previous Twitter Profile Picture

GACKT amused me so much on twitter in the morning because he continously retweets people’s tweet XDD but I lol-ed so hard at my friends tweet about GACKT XDD

well he changed his profile picture several times and there’re 2 pictures that catch my attention because those pictures are cute :”3

Here they are :

cute, eh?  8(>w<)8 it’s because he’s laughing naturally in this picture. so it gives a warm feeling.

I like it because it looks like a candid photo ❤ ❤

Kirishima Rowland San Replied My Tweet x3

He’s very kind isn’t he? :”3 FYI, Kirishima Rowland san is a famous photographer  and most of his works are amazing.

I remembered a talkshow, Oshareism if I wasn’t mistaken. Takahiro was interviewed and at one part, He talked about the time where he late 6 hours  to work. He said that time was one week after he joined EXILE XD. He said he even made Rowland san, the famous photographer wait for him. Rowland san just said this to TAKAHIRO, “I bet you will be a big star someday” hahahaha XDDD