PT Rasa Bandung, Indonesia

PT Rasa : Jl. Tamblong No.15, Bandung, Java, Indonesia

Osusume [reccomendation] : Pastry and Ice cream ソフトクリーム 

Rating : グッド! グッド!グッド!グッド!グッド! 

The place is kinda nostalgic but it has a really nice ambience. This place is just perfect for family because I’m sure kids love ice cream 音譜.  The ice cream there is delicious it’s a homemade ice cream. yeah this place is famous for their tasty pastry and ice cream. Too bad I didn’t take the picture of pastry because I couldn’t resist to eat it にひひ Here’s the waffle


the waffle is quite good but trust me their pastries are much much tastier than the waffle ラブラブ!. The service there is just average not the best service though. But I would go there again just to buy the pastry くま きゃっ Oh, the zuppa soup there is delicious too. It’s so creamy and yummy うまそ~ 

Love this place so much ラブ


I’m bored, so I made the list about living cost in japan for 1 month. well that’s my chiisana yume ;D

Airplanes (promo ticket) 12.000円

Apartment for 1 month  (studio type or 1LDK) 150.000円

Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for 1 month 70.000円

Buses for 1 month 30.000円

Japan Rail Pass (21 day) 60.000円  (9 day) 30.000円  Total : 90.000円

Attraction fees : 50.000円

shopping : 50.000円

Miscellaneous : 100.000円

Total cost : 552.000円

I’m going to make it 600.000円 to live in Japan for 1 month which is  Rp. 60.000.000

If I have salary about 20.000円 per month, so I’m gonna go to Japan after 30 months which is 2 years and a half.