One OK Rock Concert in Jakarta [November 24th] – Reaction Gifs

Hey guys,


I know it’s not monday anymore…I was supposed to post this yesterday but  there was a problem with my internet connection (;__;) So last Sunday I went to One Ok Rock concert and it was epic and amazing. Taka’s voice was beautiful and perfect. Anyway I just want to share with you my impression of One OK Rock concert using a bunch of reaction gifs.

Let’s start

When I found out about One OK Rock’s Europe and Asia tour


When my mum gave me the permission to watch it


When there was only one pre-sale ticket left


When I saw the crowds


When I was in a queue waiting for the gate to  be opened 



When someone was trying to cut in



When I saw the stage


When I realized that the stage was not high enough and there was only one small screen, and I couldn’t even see the stage.


When the crowds started screaming like fangirls when the show hasn’t even started yet and I didn’t even know what was going on because all I could see are people’s heads.



When the show was about to start


When Taka started singing


When someone started pushing others just to get closer to the stage

tumblr_inline_mqhay0acth1qz4rgp tumblr_inline_mqhb0atAZe1qz4rgp

When Taka started singing my favourite song (most of them are my favourite though)


When Ryota sang Indonesia’s National Anthem (Indonesia Raya)


When I thought the show was over


But then it turned out that it was not over yet and there was still one last song


When the show was over



So in short…


The Fault in Our Stars Official Cover

Well, John Green just updated his tumblr and uploaded his new video on youtube. Yesterday he said on twitter that he’ll share the cover with us and yeah he share the cover of his new book, The Fault in Our Stars. To be honest, if I’m not a fan of John Green’s book or if I’m just a girl who’s looking for something to read, I definitely won’t pick that book and buy it. The cover of the book is too plain, too simple and too boring. There’re no stars, only clouds.

If John Green and the Penguin group want new readers, with a book cover like that you won’t get any new readers. People will just pass it without even bother to pick the book and read the summary. As a nerdfighter, I’m okay with that cover because us, nerdfighter, don’t judge book by it’s cover but you should remember that there’s a lot of people out there who judge book by it’s cover.

Before the official cover came out, I’ve been looking at The Fault in Our Stars covers made by nerdfighteria. They were all freaking awesome and then this came out. I was like “Oh my gosh… Look at the difference, it’s the cover that made by a pro but it doesn’t look like one”

I’m just a bit upset because I love every John Green’s book and I love all of the book covers from Looking for Alaska until Will Grayson Will Grayson. I just want you to know, that this book cover isn’t worth for all the signing madness you do until now.

About VidCon 2012 and I

I just opened my email, and then I saw something that attracts me. It’s from VidCon team and the subject is “VidCon 2012 Registration”. I was really excited so I double clicked the email even though I didn’t have too. Here’s what I saw right after I clicked it.

Oh my goodness! They already open the registration and the 3rd annual Vidcon will be held at Anaheim Convention Center, California on June 28th, 29th and 30th 2012. They have 3 kind of passes: 40$, 80$, or 300$. it’s all up to you.

If I lived in America, I will triple click that button while saying Yes! Yes! I’d love to attend VidCon, complete the registration and buy my 80$ pass. But unfortunately I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m very very excited about VidCon but too bad I can’t attend Vidcon.

I always have this dream. In my dream, I went to VidCon alone and I had a really good times there. Met John Green and asked him to sign every hardcover of his books that I have.

Met Hank Green, watched hime singing I’m not Edward Cullen withThe Katherine and took photos with them. I met Mike Lombardo, watched him singing Caroline and took photos with him. I always read on tumblr that Mike Lombardo is a really nice person so in my dream, mike lombardo that I met is a nice guy too 😄 I met lots of people too! Like Chameleon Circuit, IJustine, ALL CAPS, EMT, and Fine Bros

Eventhough I could afford the pass, I couldn’t go there because I don’t have themoney to buy plane tickets and the hotel. I’m pretty sad because I really want to meet John Green, my favorite author. Being able to see him with my own eyes must be an incredible feeling.



I’m bored, so I made the list about living cost in japan for 1 month. well that’s my chiisana yume ;D

Airplanes (promo ticket) 12.000円

Apartment for 1 month  (studio type or 1LDK) 150.000円

Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for 1 month 70.000円

Buses for 1 month 30.000円

Japan Rail Pass (21 day) 60.000円  (9 day) 30.000円  Total : 90.000円

Attraction fees : 50.000円

shopping : 50.000円

Miscellaneous : 100.000円

Total cost : 552.000円

I’m going to make it 600.000円 to live in Japan for 1 month which is  Rp. 60.000.000

If I have salary about 20.000円 per month, so I’m gonna go to Japan after 30 months which is 2 years and a half.

American Idol Isn’t Worth Watching Anymore

I think without Simon Cowell, american idol is just a truck without the driver in it. It’s already became worse when I saw the top 24 where Jaycee and Chris Medina didn’t make it. But now it’s the worst, my only favorite singer on American Idol, Brett Loewenstren, has been eliminated.

How Come? A big big questionmark pop out of my head. I know I can’t blame it on America for choosing Scotty over Brett, but still…. *sighs* I’m so dissapointed T____T

Speaking of Brett who was being bullied in his school, please, don’t be a bully. Whether it’s on the net or in the real life, don’t just bully someone who is smaller, weaker than you or bully someone because you just envy him/her. We all know that bullying is a bad thing, you can’t just bully people physically or with words. words hurt you know. if you see someone being bullied, stand up and stop them, don’t just watch or walk away as if you don’t see it.

[Personal] Self Reflection 1

Sorry, this new post isn’t GACKT related or Japanese related m(_ _)m

I just realized that I’ve lost something inside me. I used to have it when I was in highschool and when I was entering college.
but now I lost it. I LOST THE PASSION.
I re-read my old posts (2008-2009) on ameblo. I was so ambitious, I was so passionate back then. but now… I’m not. not at all.
How come? I asked that to myself too, but I couldn’t find the answer.

I used to workhard with all my might to get a high GPA. Yes, I did have a perfect GPA twice.
Why can’t I be more passionate doing my thesis? I’m doing it half-assedly and I know about that but I don’t do anything because I’ve lost the passion.
I was smiling while reading my old posts about exams, GPA, stupid lecturers, killer lecturers, yaoi, love, friendship, family, painful and joy memories. I was smiling because I looked back and thinking how passionate I was back then, how naive, how straightforward, how childish, how ambitious I was. of course I was smiling at my bad bad english grammar too. *My english grammar is still bad*

But looking back like that, made me think, can I get that passion back? can I get that ambitious kid back in me? the answer is I can If I want and now I’m trying to get it back.