One OK Rock Concert in Jakarta [November 24th] – Reaction Gifs

Hey guys,


I know it’s not monday anymore…I was supposed to post this yesterday but  there was a problem with my internet connection (;__;) So last Sunday I went to One Ok Rock concert and it was epic and amazing. Taka’s voice was beautiful and perfect. Anyway I just want to share with you my impression of One OK Rock concert using a bunch of reaction gifs.

Let’s start

When I found out about One OK Rock’s Europe and Asia tour


When my mum gave me the permission to watch it


When there was only one pre-sale ticket left


When I saw the crowds


When I was in a queue waiting for the gate to  be opened 



When someone was trying to cut in



When I saw the stage


When I realized that the stage was not high enough and there was only one small screen, and I couldn’t even see the stage.


When the crowds started screaming like fangirls when the show hasn’t even started yet and I didn’t even know what was going on because all I could see are people’s heads.



When the show was about to start


When Taka started singing


When someone started pushing others just to get closer to the stage

tumblr_inline_mqhay0acth1qz4rgp tumblr_inline_mqhb0atAZe1qz4rgp

When Taka started singing my favourite song (most of them are my favourite though)


When Ryota sang Indonesia’s National Anthem (Indonesia Raya)


When I thought the show was over


But then it turned out that it was not over yet and there was still one last song


When the show was over



So in short…


[Announcement] ONE OK ROCK Jakarta – Ticket and Venue Informations


ONE OK ROCK telah mengkonfirmasi bahwa venue berubah, bukan di Skeeno Hall, Gandaria City tetapi di Lapangan Parkir Kolam Renang Senayan, tanggal 24 November 2013. Tiket konser ONE OK ROCK akan mulai dijual pada hari Senin, 29 Juli 2013 di  Harga Tiket ONE OK ROCK di Jakarta adalah Rp 350.000 dan Rp 450.000 (belum termasuk pajak).


ONE OK ROCK finally announced further information for their concert in Jakarta. They tweeted that the venue is no longer at Skeeno Hall, Gandaria City but at Lapangan Parkir Kolam Renang Senayan. The ticket will be on sale on Monday, July 29th  2013. The price for ONE OK ROCK ticket in Jakarta is Rp 350.000 and Rp 450.000 (excluding tax). You can order the ticket online from

One OK Rock Europe and Asia Tour 2013


One OK Rock is finally coming to Jakarta this year! I definitely wouldn’t miss this for the world.  They haven’t announced anything yet except for the date and the venue. The concert will be held at Skeeno Hall, Gandaria CIty, the same place as Jrock Evolution last year. Well, let’s just hope that the ticket price won’t be too high because there will be Jrock Evolution again this year in Jakarta.

If you haven’t heard of this band, here take a minute and listen

Do you want more? Sure thing, here you go