Ok, this is just for fun actually XD. Yesterday I read The Playbook “Suit Up, Score Chicks, Be Awesome” By Barney Stinson with Matt Kuhn.

And then, I found something interesting, something fits GACKT perfectly XD. I forgot the page but it says, “Using all this information, here’s a composite sketch of what women might consider the most sexually attractive man ever” And here’s the page :

"Don't worry, The Playbook will not ask you to dress up like this bozo. You'll be asked to dress up like a fireman or football player but never at the same time" LOL it cracks me up 😄

 Don’t you think it fits GACKT perfectly? 😄 Well, let’s see one by one XP

1. A man in uniform (Yeah,women love men in  uniforms (/// ///)


GACKT in Nazi like uniform. What’s hotter than that? Come on~ nothing right? ;P

2. Giant Sunglasses = Could be famous

There’s no one other than GACKT who loves to wear sunglasses. Hell Yeah.. GACKT is famous XDDDD

3. Giant Ear : Listener

4. Puppy = Animal Lover

Angie, Lucy, Colly, Milky, Eneru 😄 He sure loves animal 😀

5. Tears : vulnerability

6. Top Half of a Suit

suit up and be awe.. wait for it…some 😄

7. Crotch Bulge (naturally blessed) <– It cracks me up XDD

MAGNUM!! XDDD hahahaha, fits him well right? 😄

8. Back Pocket Bulge = Financially blessed

I was like “Woooow” when he told them that it’s his wallet. 😄 I couldn’t find picture of GACKT with his back pocket bulging XDD so I just use this picture.

9. Guitar = Can Play Guitar

10. Football Pants = Athletic Prowess

Again, I can’t find him in football pants XDDDDDD so I just use this one.

11. Military Boots = Bad Boy

ooo…yeaaa~ GACKT was a yancha XDDDDDDDDD

So, What do you think? Do you agree with me that GACKT is the most sexually attractive man ever?