Heck yeah! EXILE will perform on NHK MUSIC JAPAN tomorrow night! The say there will be a lot of talk session and EXILE will perform

  1. Rising Sun
  2. Each Other’s Way ~Tabi no tochu
Not only that, there will be talk session with third generation of J Soul Brothers (Sandaime J soul brothers)  too. ooh I’m sooooo excited x3
On top of that, you know what? J Soul Brothers will perform their new song, FIGHTER. 


GACKT Will Perform Episode. 0 on NHK Music Japan Next Week (17/07/2011)

Yes, He’ll perform episode. 0 on Music Japan next week, and I hope he’ll wear that kamui gakupo’s wig because he’s so freakin’ gorgeous with that purple long hair (*Q*)/. Oh about the tempest thing, everytime I watch the trailer on NHK, I can’t stop laughing because he looks really really weird with that braided hair 😄