Heck yeah! EXILE will perform on NHK MUSIC JAPAN tomorrow night! The say there will be a lot of talk session and EXILE will perform

  1. Rising Sun
  2. Each Other’s Way ~Tabi no tochu
Not only that, there will be talk session with third generation of J Soul Brothers (Sandaime J soul brothers)  too. ooh I’m sooooo excited x3
On top of that, you know what? J Soul Brothers will perform their new song, FIGHTER. 



Well, in response to the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the tenth annual MTV Video Music Awards Japan (VMAJ) is being staged asMTV VIDEO MUSIC AID JAPAN, an international music television event to benefit the Japanese Red Cross.

MTV VIDEO MUSIC AID JAPAN will air live across Asia on June 25 an for the encore is on June 26.

The guests are

and of course I’m looking forward to my favourite artists all the time, here they are :


I love Naoto Inti Raymi too, but I guess he’ll not perform at VMAJ. I still hope he’ll perform anyway 😄


7.20(水 – Wed) LA BATACLAN(フランス・パリ) – France, Paris
7.21(木 – Thurs) LA BATACLAN(フランス・パリ) – France, Paris
7.23(土 – Sat) E-Werk(ドイツ・ケルン) – Germany, Cologne
7.26(火 – Tues) Melkweg(オランダ・アムステルダム) – Netherlands, Amsterdam
7.27(水 – Wed) Forum(イギリス・ロンドン) – UK, London
7.29(金 – Fri) Bikini(フランス・トゥールーズ) – France, Toulouse
7.30(土 – Sat) RAZZMATAZZ 1(スペイン・バルセロナ) – Spain, Barcelona
8.1(月 – Mon) Backstage Werk(ドイツ・ミュンヘン) – Germany, Munich
8.3(水 – Wed) Huxleys(ドイツ・ベルリン) – Germany, Berlin
8.4(木 – Thurs) Syma B(ハンガリー・ブタペスト) – Hungary, Budapest
8.6(土 – Sat) Stodola(ポーランド・ワルシャワ) – Poland, Warsaw
8.7(日 – Mon) Haus Auensee(ドイツ・ライプツィヒ) – Germany, Leipzig
8.9(火 – Tues) Arenan(スウェーデン・ストックホルム) – Sweden, Stockholm
8.11(木 – Thurs) Arena Moscow Club(ロシア・モスクワ) – Russia, Moscow
OK, this must be a freaking good news for you guys who live in europe.

For more information, you can go to and

Camui G School Cooperative Store Goods

You can see all of them here

some things look like a “cheap” thing for example this one eventhough it’s not cheap at all. 1890 yen is expensive  :

I am so not buying this pouch lol *getting slapped by GACKT*

it makes me wonder, who design this pouch? 😄

Things that I want :

I want this ribbon tie w(* q *)w and I want this bag too

and I’m not really into those eronika notebooks too. 😄

If someone gives me the towel, I’ll accept it for sure lol

So, if you have money, which one will you buy?