[RANT] MTV Asia J/k Hits

This is exactly what I looked like everytime I watch MTV J/k hits. I was like, “Oh my god, Here they go again, K-pop, K-pop, and K-pop.

I wonder why they called it j/k if they’re only playing k-pop all the time. I want to see other Japanese singers, japanese bands you know. Not only a bunch of guys with same face, nasty smile, same melody, same tune, same dance routines, same hairstyle. and it goes for the girls as well, like KARA, Shoujo Jidai or whatever.

And it’s useless if they play Korean boybands who sing Japanese. They’re still korean. =__= I’m not spreading hate here, I just want a balance between J-pop and K-pop on an hour show. The way out for this problem is really simple, just play K-pop for 30 minutes and J-pop for 30 minutes. It’s just that simple right?

For myself, I think there’re lots of bands, boybands and singers who are really really great but underrated, like:

  • HY
  • Uemura Kana
  • Kobukuro
  • J Soul Brothers
  • Flumpool
  • Ketsumeishi
  • Funky Monkey Babys
  • Monkey Majik
  • Weaver
  • NICO touches the wall

or maybe some Jrock/Visual Kei bands like, The Gazette, Alice Nine, Dir en Grey, Vistlip, Golden bomber, D, Versailles, Girugamesh, X Japan, Plastic Tree

or solo singers like, Ken Hirai,  Teshima Aoi, Naoto Inti Raymi, fukuyama masaharu, angela aki

they don’t wear tons of make up, they don’t wear skinny jeans, they don’t act like hookers, but they make good music. Think about it.

All I want is variations. Don’t you get tired watching a bunch of guys singing and dancing with nasty smile on their face.

If it is all about rating, I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless and I give up. If MTV still cares about what the viewers want to see they have to change it.

or if they don’t want to, just change the name. Don’t use MTV J/K hits, just use MTV K hits.


Ok, this is just for fun actually XD. Yesterday I read The Playbook “Suit Up, Score Chicks, Be Awesome” By Barney Stinson with Matt Kuhn.

And then, I found something interesting, something fits GACKT perfectly XD. I forgot the page but it says, “Using all this information, here’s a composite sketch of what women might consider the most sexually attractive man ever” And here’s the page :

"Don't worry, The Playbook will not ask you to dress up like this bozo. You'll be asked to dress up like a fireman or football player but never at the same time" LOL it cracks me up 😄

 Don’t you think it fits GACKT perfectly? 😄 Well, let’s see one by one XP

1. A man in uniform (Yeah,women love men in  uniforms (/// ///)


GACKT in Nazi like uniform. What’s hotter than that? Come on~ nothing right? ;P

2. Giant Sunglasses = Could be famous

There’s no one other than GACKT who loves to wear sunglasses. Hell Yeah.. GACKT is famous XDDDD

3. Giant Ear : Listener

4. Puppy = Animal Lover

Angie, Lucy, Colly, Milky, Eneru 😄 He sure loves animal 😀

5. Tears : vulnerability

6. Top Half of a Suit

suit up and be awe.. wait for it…some 😄

7. Crotch Bulge (naturally blessed) <– It cracks me up XDD

MAGNUM!! XDDD hahahaha, fits him well right? 😄

8. Back Pocket Bulge = Financially blessed

I was like “Woooow” when he told them that it’s his wallet. 😄 I couldn’t find picture of GACKT with his back pocket bulging XDD so I just use this picture.

9. Guitar = Can Play Guitar

10. Football Pants = Athletic Prowess

Again, I can’t find him in football pants XDDDDDD so I just use this one.

11. Military Boots = Bad Boy

ooo…yeaaa~ GACKT was a yancha XDDDDDDDDD

So, What do you think? Do you agree with me that GACKT is the most sexually attractive man ever?

[GACKT] Whut? O_o

OMG~ GACKT, What happened to you o__O

 Seriously GACKT, I didn’t recognize you at all. What the heck happened? O___o? 

Too much plastic surgery? or too much botox? or just bad angle because you usually only show your left side of your face >__<

if that because of your botox or plastic surgery, you really need this :

Yes, you really need an intervention