My mum bought me loads of food colouring, so yesterday I was wondering what should I use all these food colouring for but then my mum said she wants to make cookies like kaastengels and nastar for Eid Day. I decided to make DOCTOR WHO themed cookies for celebrating the 50th anniversary of DOCTOR WHO and because Matt Smith is leaving DW this year too. I know it looks really messy 😄 it was my first time to decorate cookies and I don’t have the tools so I used toothpick and straw lol.


To make this cookie dough is actually very simple, I only used butter, eggs, flour, and baking powder. Since yesterday was the first time I made icing for decorating cookies, I used this recipe for the icing because it has a great review and pretty simple. I didn’t use corn syrup so I tried to substitute it with simple syrup made from granulated sugar.

DSC01518DSC01517 DSC01516DSC01519

I only used 4 colours, sky blue, cherry red, coal black, and white. To make TARDIS blue, I mixed sky blue and a little bit of coal black and for the window I used fondant and a little bit of white food colouring. It was quite hard to get the right colour for TARDIS, so make sure you don’t put too much black.

Why Do I Get so Attached to Fictional Characters?

When you start watching animes, TV series, movies, or reading books and mangas, there’s always one character in that story that you like the most and in the end, you end up getting too attached to that character. YES, EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED. That character doesn’t always have to be the main character, sometimes it’s the villain, sometimes it’s the supporting character. In most cases, you’re getting emotionally attached to the characters, not the actor/actress who played the character.

You might have notice that character in the beginning of the story, but as you get to know them better through couple episodes, you start develop feelings for them, you want to hug them, rub their backs, pat their heads and tell them that everything is going to be alright (except in the end the writer ended up making them jump from high buildings or they ended up in different years or universe. Yes, I’m talking about you Steven Moffat and RTD).   And then you started joining the fandom, making or reblogging those gifset until your blog is full of them. Sometimes you ship them with other characters. They become your OTP and you start writing or reading those unbelievably amazing fanfics.

The question is, why? Why do we get so attached to those fictional characters?

In my opinion, the first reason maybe the connection that we feel between those fictional characters and us. One thing we have to keep in mind is that a connection doesn’t always have to physical. The other factor is something in common. It could be the same pasts, personalities or just those quirky habits that both of you have in common. The urge to protect someone who’s so vulnerable can be something that can make you so attached to them, because sometimes those characters have gone through so many hardships so you want to protect them from those things that can destroy them or hurt their feelings. The last one maybe we see traits that those characters have and we want our future husband/wife to have them or we want to be treated the way those characters treat someone precious to them.  Personally, I think it is natural to get attached to those fictional characters because even though they are not real, the feelings we have for them, and those pangs in your heart when something bad happened to them are real. Yes, they are real. So it’s okay to get emotionally attached.


To be honest, I don’t get too attached to fictional characters easily. Up until now, maybe it’s only Jack Frost from The Rise of the Guardians, Will Graham from Hannibal, Rory Williams from Doctor Who, Max Vandenburgh from The Book Thief, Mayuri Shiina from Steins;Gate and Alec Hardy from Broadchurch, But I only get emotionally attached to Jack Frost and Will Graham. Do you see what both of them have in common?

Great, because that’s me, the real me. The moment I saw Will Graham picking up stray dog in the middle of the night,  I knew I was gonna get emotionally attached to him. I was so goddamn right about it. He created a family from those stray dogs, it’s kind of sweet in my opinion, but there’s also a pang in my heart and it feels like someone stabbed me with a knife. Maybe because both of us are actually very lonely and we’re not good at dealing with people. Jack Frost is the same too, he has been alone for a long time, other people didn’t recognize him, he’s invincible. He’s very lonely and not sure about himself, about who he really is. That’s why I get emotionally attached to Will and Jack.

The reason why I get so attached to Rory Williams from Doctor Who is different. I see the traits in him that I long for. He’s the kind of person I’ve never met in my life. He looks like an ordinary person but his patience and loyalty moved me. Remember that time when Amy got stuck in other dimension and got old because she had to wait for 40 years? Remember what Rory said to old Amy when he found out that Amy’s getting old and he’s still young?

“I don’t care that you got old, I care that we didn’t grow old together.”

My final conclusion is that we can get so attached to fictional characters because of various reasons and it depends on how we see  and interpret those characters and of course it depends on how we see ourselves too.

My Impression of Jrock Evolution 2012 in Jakarta (Reaction Gifs)

When Oishi Masahiro san said that there will be Jrock evolution in Jakarta this fall couple months ago


When the promoter said that there will be meet and greet and group photo


When your parents gave you permission to watch Jrock Evolution


When you finally found out the price for VVIP ticket (which provides meet and greet and group photo with Alice Nine or MUCC) 

When you realized that you can’t buy the VVIP ticket because it was too expensive


When you realized that you can only buy the VIP ticket

What you’d say when you meet Alice Nine, MUCC, and UNiTE


Your first impression of Trilogy live as the tour promoter for Jrock Evolution in Jakarta


When you realized that the tour promoter is such a troll and unprofessional


When you realized that you missed the chance to take photo with Alice Nine at FX, Senayan


When you woke up in the morning and realized it’s Jrock evolution day


When you read tweets from Alice Nine, MUCC, and UNiTE members about Jakarta


When you read the article from Jrock Evolution press conference about Nao who said that he’d like to live in Jakarta and sell fried rice (nasi goreng) if he wasn’t in Alice Nine


What you looked like when you were waiting in the line to get into the hall


When UNiTE showed up on stage


When MUCC showed up on stage


When Alice Nine showed up on stage


What you looked like during the concert


What you looked like after the concert

[Lyrics] Thoughts of Flight – Edmund (Arthur Darvill)


Lyrics :

My breath it stops here
I’m all open eyed
And I need surprise
My hands feel like wires
My fingers rust
I’ll justify my thoughts of flight

And run to space on the horizon
And there make a bed for us to lie on

Caught in tumbles
My oh my, to my surprise
Another canvas, another slate
It’s my mistake
I just needed

So I run to space on the horizon
And there make a bed for us to lie on
We won’t describe even though we will try
What it’s like to be smiling in open air

My skin grows over my mistakes
And I just can’t wait
The first few seconds
Disintegrate into a state of joy

So I run to space on the horizon
And there make a bed for us to lie on
And we won’t describe, even though we will try
What it’s like to be smiling in open air

One more day of perfect terror
Close my eyes and I’m still there
Wrapped in water

My eyes explode with all this light
And taste just melded to the night
And I can hear a symphony
A perfect crystal melody
And I just can’t stop smiling at you
I just can’t stop smiling

Can every time I breathe in
Be every time you breathe out