[Random Things] About John Green, Vidcon, Youtube, Wall of Stuff, Platinum Egoiste and How They Affect Me

Well today I guess I’ll write about random things in one post because I don’t have enough time to spend on the internet lately.  Just so you know, I finally got my bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and you know what? my mom bought me this as a graduation gift.

I was like %%^##%^*@!# when she gave me Platinum Egoiste because that perfume is the thing that I want the most since 2 years ago. Because it’s so freaking expensive and I know that I couldn’t afford it with my pocket money,  I just gave up. I never asked my mom to buy me something that costs a lot of money because I’m not one of those jerks who thinks that as soon as you turn twenty it’s your god- given right to have a brand-new chevrolet in the driveway.

I’m very grateful that I have a mom who really cares about her kids. I love you mom and Happy belated Esther Day. (Nb. Esther was a nerdfighter who loved harry potter and made videos on youtube too. She’ll be 17 this year if she hadn’t died due to cancer. John and Hank Green asked her if they can do something for her before she died and her last request was to make sure that the people you love know that you love them) I just want you to know that I love you so much Mom.

Okay let’s begin! First is about John Green. John Green is my favorite author all the time and thanks to him, I really love to read now. No, it’s not that I didn’t like to read back then, it’s just I’m into mangas more than a novel.

The first John Green’s book I read was Paper Towns and it was really good. Unlike other novels, I can say that this book is a complete package. There’s slice of life in it, there’s mystery, there’s humour, and of course there’s also romance in Paper Towns. I couldn’t find the copy of John Green’s books at local bookstores like Times, Kinokuniya, Aksara in Indonesia, so I ended up ordering them on Amazon. I read his book first before I knew that he makes videos with his brother Hank Green called Vlogbrothers on Youtube.

Speaking of youtube, I used to watch PVs, StreetenglishTV or owarai (Japanese comedy) on Youtube. After I read Paper Towns, I started looking for other John Green’s books and join a nerdfighter community called Nerdfighteria (http://nerdfighters.ning.com). On that site, I actually joined some groups like GSA which stands for Gay Straight Alliance and a group like The Nerds Who Draw Things.  At that time, I discovered a group with hundreds of members called Charlie Mcdonnell (charlieissocoollike). That was the first time I realized that actually there’re so many interesting or I should say SMART vloggers on Youtube, like Vlogbrothers, Alex Day and Charlie Mcdonnell. Not only they blog about their life, they also make good music. My favorite band now is Chameleon Circuit and they sing about Dr. Who (I actually have made a post about Chameleon Circuit here : https://smiichan.wordpress.com/2011/07/16/chameleon-circuit-still-got-legs/)

Hank Green is also making music too and the song that I love the most is It All Makes Sense at the End. Hank Green is actually an outstanding man because he actually makes an event called VIDCON. he makes that event so vloggers, nerdfighters, or youtube watchers can actually meet and gather in one place. Youtube musicians also perform on stage and the fans can actually take a photo with them, hug them, and do crazy things with them. I saw the posts about Vidcon on tumblr, it was a big success and nerdfighters were actually had so much fun. Because of that, I think I’m gonna add “GO TO VIDCON” to my “to-do-list” before I die.

See John Green’s video about Vidcon here :

Thanks to Charlie Mcdonnell now I know a lot of musicians on youtube that actually talented like Mike Lombardo, Tom Milsom,  Charlie Mcdonnell, Alex Day, ALL CAPS, Meghan Tonjes, Julia Nunes, and Alan Lastufka. and you can actually buy their physical CD on http://dftba.com/ or download them from Itunes. Not only Chameleon Circuit and mike lombardo’s albums, I have Charlie Mcdonnell’s album “This is Me” on my itunes library too =D Oh right, Charlie inspired me to make a “wall of stuff” on my wall behind my computer too 😄

This “wall of stuff” of mine is actually full of random things from the past like artworks that I made when I was still in high school or some tickets from events like “L’arc~en~Ciel Awake and Live 2005” 😄 For short, this wall of stuff represents my personality except for that ELLE shopping picture. My sister asked me if she could put that on my wall so I have no choice but let her. there’s also a postcard full of signs from Alice Nine’s member that I got from my friend who lives in Japan. and yes, it’s fun looking at them like that wall of stuff can actually raise your mood in the morning. especially the one written with SHOW YOUR HEART and Ganbatte Nippon (in Japanese of course). I made it for GACKT’s SHOW YOUR HEART PROJECT to encourage the victims of Tsunami. You can also see the post about SHOW YOUR HEART PROJECT here : https://smiichan.wordpress.com/2011/05/05/show-your-heart-world-photo-report/

[Chameleon Circuit] Still Got Legs

Chameleon Circuit is a British rock band known for their Trock. Trock is Time Lord Rock and it’s invented by Alex Day.It refers to the popular science-fiction series from UK, Doctor Who.  Chameleon Circuits members are Alex Day, Charlie Mcdonell, Liam Dryden, Michael Aranda and Edd Blann. Chameleon Circuit’s former member is Chris Beattie.  Alex Day is a successful vlogger on youtube. He is the 6th most subscribed in United Kingdom. Alex Day is known as Nerimon on Youtube and you can find a song called Mrs. Nerimon, performed by Kristina Horner. Charlie Mcdonnell is a British Youtube Vlogger too. He lives at the same flat with Alex. Charlie also known as charlieissocoollike on youtube has over 1.000.000 subscribers. He also produced his own album called “This is Me”.

This is Chameleon Circuit before Edd Blann and Michael Aranda joined

And this is the new formation of Chameleon Circuit! Yaaay~ for Michael Aranda :”3

(From left to right : Liam Dryden, Edd Blann, Charlie Mcdonnell, Michael Arand, and Alex Day)

The important thing about Chameleon Circuit is,

“You don’t have to like or know about Doctor Who to like Chameleon Circuit”.

Still Got Legs is their second album. You can now buy the physical CD on DFTBA Records. or you can buy it from itunes for like $10. My favorite song so far from Still Got Legs is Everything is Ending.

If you’re new and you don’t have any idea about this band at all, I think you should listen to their first album named after the band itself, Chamelon Circuit.

I recommend you to listen Regenerate, Exterminate first or maybe you can listen to Shipwrecked and K9’s Lament.