[Review] STARK Bierhaus

stark1STARK Bierhaus is a newly opened cafe and lounge at Plaza Indonesia’s eX (Entertainment Xenter). If you’re wondering what is STARK, STARK is local beer brewed in Singaraja Bali and as you can guess, Bierhaus is Beer House in German. So in short, STARK Bierhaus is a place where we can drink STARK beer and of course you can enjoy the food too. The first time I knew about STARK beer is actually at Ennichisai. I wanted to drink something because it was hot that day. I stumbled upon a stall that sell Sapporo Beer and STARK Beer, I’ve never heard of STARK before and the price was cheap (around 20k) so I decided to buy it. I took the first sip and yes, that hit the spot. The beer was very light and a little sweet and it was very refreshing. It tasted so good I didn’t expect it to be a local beer.

image (2)

Since I like the beer so much, I googled STARK Beer and I found out that they just opened their own cafe&lounge at eX. I didn’t waste any time, I went there the same week I found out about the Bierhaus. Went there with my mum and my sis, we ordered Bratwurst, german sausage served with roasted potatoes and sauerkraut, The Bonanza, a “big” selections of german sausages served with mashed or roasted potatoes, Pork Chop, grilled pork chop seved with sauce, roasted potatoes, and sauerkraut.

imageIt went down hill from there. The portion is very small, the bratwurst looked very lonely and sad because the plate was ironically big and there was only one bratwurst with a huge pile of potatoes and sauerkraut. The sharing dish, Bonanza, wasn’t big I can finish that by myself. The pretty decent dish was the pork chop. The portion wasn’t too small, the meat was tender and I loved the sauce.

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Overall, I think the foods and drinks are a little bit overpriced  since the portions are very small (around 75k – 250k). The place itself is quiet and has a nice ambience. The question is, will I come again? Nope, I don’t think so, but the beer… you should try it out.