[BALI] Goody’s Italian Restaurant

Address : Jln. Double Six Beach Legian, Kuta, Bali (Near Jayakarta Hotel)

Well, Suddenly we were hungry even though we already had  Mak Beng Fish soup (Sup Ikan Mak Beng) and Macaroni and cheese, so we decided to take a walk and search for a night snack. We stood in front of a small restaurant called Goody’s. We looked at the menu, and the price was not too expensive. (1 pan of pizza = Rp. 45.000, 1 portion of pasta, from Rp. 30.000 , so we ended up eating there. They have a lot of variations for pizza and pasta. But since we already had dinner, we only ordered 1 pan of pizza. *forgot what was the name of the pizza* 😄 it’s quiet big and enough for 3 of us. The smell was yummy and it tasted delicious too.

so, imo it was yummy, good price, and best for night snack ;P

Breakfast at Jayakarta Hotel Bali

Well, the breakfast there is buffet style so you can get anything that you want to eat. I will say no for the rice and fried rice vermicelli/rice noodles. Just one word : Tasteless. But for the sausages and the potato…onomomnom..Yummy..

Because the sausages are really yummy and I’m still hungry. I eat another big portion of sausages, omelette, bacons, and toast. Yumm~

Not interested in fruits, I chose pancake with maple syrup instead. the taste is just so so.


About One week ago I spent 2 nights at Jayakarta Hotel Bali. At first I was looking for a hotel that didn’t cost too much money. I searched a lot of hotel from the one at Poppies Lane 1 until hotels like Harris, tune, Melasti, Bali coconut, and so on. 😄 In the end, we chose Jayakarta Hotel because it’s not too expensive.

The Lobby

When we got there, they served us with welcome drinks. pretty nice because the weather is really hot and it helped us to cool down a little. We booked One bedroom apartment, it’s located near parking area but you have to walk a little to get to the swimming pool and the beach.

The Bedroom

The bedroom was really nice, clean, and it didn’t have bed bugs. the bed is king sized bed so it fits for 3 person. you can use the sofa bed instead if you don’t feel like sleeping like canned sardines 😄

The sofabed

The bathroom is clean and the towels are clean too. They always change it with the new one.

One Bedroom Apartment – Facilities & Description
Located near to the parking area, 45 sqm, garden view, equipped with 2 IDD telephones, mini bar, 2 color televisions with in-house movies, domestic as well as international channels, hair dryers on request, 2 air conditioners, private bath with cold and hot water, tea/coffee making facilities, kitchenette with microwave and a full set of china, glass and silverware, a sofa bed in the living room.


 A lot of foreigners come here maybe because it’s a great place to spend with your family

Swimming Pool

The beach is just at the back of Jayakarta Hotel. Nice eh?

So, if you’re only have a minimum budget but still want to have a good sleep, nice ambience, near beach, a lot of nice restaurants and bars around, why don’t you try Jayakarta hotel?

Ibu Oka is the Most Overrated Babi Guling In Bali

I was so curious about it at first because of Anthony Bourdain. If you watched Anthony Bourdain’s no reservation in Indonesia’s edition then you must know what I’m talking about.

Yeah Bourdain recommends Babi Guling or Suckling Pig at Warung Ibu Oka. He said that Babi Guling Ibu Oka is the best suckling pig or babi guling in the world. Because of it, 4 days ago I tried to eat at Ibu Oka’s. All I can say is… it’s overrated and it’s not worth it.

1 portion of babi guling costsRp 30.000 and 1 portion of babi guling special costs forRp 50.000 and for the skin, it costs Rp 40.000 it’s not about the money I’m talking about here, but the problem is the taste of babi guling itself and the waiter/waitress there.

The service is soooooooo bad until I feel like I want to hit them with bottles. They keep on frowning and frowning and replied our question half-assedly. Come on… if it is the work you have chose, then you must do it whole heartedly not half-assedly like that. They are very impolite toward guests and I despise a place with waitress like that. They acted like they don’t get paid when they’re serving us. Gah, I really want to hit them and make them realized that they shouldn’t acted like that toward guests.

The babi guling itself is too much seasoning and the skin is not crispy I definitely not reccomend this place at all.

it got no stars from me at all. NO STARS. eventhough it looks tasty don’t be decieved by it’s appearance. it’s just because of my high technique to take the picture 😄

Trust me it’s not worth it 😉 But it’s your decision~ to go or not to go ;P

Gaya Gelato, Ubud – Bali [5 Stars Gelato]

Gaya Gelato : The Most Delicious Gelato In Bali

Two days ago I visited Gaya Gelato in Ubud – Bali. I’ve heard a lot from people that Gaya has the most delicious gelato in Bali, so I decided to visit Gaya Gelato. All I can say is, yes…it was really delicious, creamy and full of flavour. they have a lot of flavours, from coconut, peanut butter, espresso, to Biscotto. Their Gelato was sooooo yummy and I ended up eating 6 scoops of gelato with 6 different flavours. One more thing, the owner is sooo friendly and kind of cool and handsome 😛 I wanna be his wife 😄

Price List :

1 scoop : 20.000

2 scoop : 30.000

3 scoop : 55.000

Jl. Raya Sayan, Ubud
Bali, Indonesia 80571
Phone: +62 (0) 361 979252 / 979253
Fax: +62 (0) 361 975895
Email: gelato@gayafusion.com