One OK Rock Europe and Asia Tour 2013


One OK Rock is finally coming to Jakarta this year! I definitely wouldn’t miss this for the world.  They haven’t announced anything yet except for the date and the venue. The concert will be held at Skeeno Hall, Gandaria CIty, the same place as Jrock Evolution last year. Well, let’s just hope that the ticket price won’t be too high because there will be Jrock Evolution again this year in Jakarta.

If you haven’t heard of this band, here take a minute and listen

Do you want more? Sure thing, here you go

My Impression of Jrock Evolution 2012 in Jakarta (Reaction Gifs)

When Oishi Masahiro san said that there will be Jrock evolution in Jakarta this fall couple months ago


When the promoter said that there will be meet and greet and group photo


When your parents gave you permission to watch Jrock Evolution


When you finally found out the price for VVIP ticket (which provides meet and greet and group photo with Alice Nine or MUCC) 

When you realized that you can’t buy the VVIP ticket because it was too expensive


When you realized that you can only buy the VIP ticket

What you’d say when you meet Alice Nine, MUCC, and UNiTE


Your first impression of Trilogy live as the tour promoter for Jrock Evolution in Jakarta


When you realized that the tour promoter is such a troll and unprofessional


When you realized that you missed the chance to take photo with Alice Nine at FX, Senayan


When you woke up in the morning and realized it’s Jrock evolution day


When you read tweets from Alice Nine, MUCC, and UNiTE members about Jakarta


When you read the article from Jrock Evolution press conference about Nao who said that he’d like to live in Jakarta and sell fried rice (nasi goreng) if he wasn’t in Alice Nine


What you looked like when you were waiting in the line to get into the hall


When UNiTE showed up on stage


When MUCC showed up on stage


When Alice Nine showed up on stage


What you looked like during the concert


What you looked like after the concert

[Golden Bomber] Memeshikute -Kpop Version- PV

This is why I love Golden Bomber, they can make a parody from their own song. As you can see they make a Korean version of memeshikute. No, they don’t change the lyrics into korean, just the PV, the dress, and the dance routines. Here’s the the thing, to be honest, I don’t like K-pop at all.  In fact I hate them. Yes, all the boybands and the girlbands. I hate them all. I’ve had enough of K-pop.  I can’t help wondering,  “don’t you get tired watching those K-pop boybands dancing and singing?” I mean, they’re not even good. how can you like them?

Speaking of the PV itself, lol it’s really funny and they look like complete idiots wearing those shorts and those wigs XD. But that’s why I love Golden Bomber XDDD

[Dir En Grey] Dum Spiro Spero Limited Site

Do you remember this PV from Dir En Grey? Yeah it’s Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami. Actually I still wonder, why did Kyo make such a fucking long title for this song. It’s like a tongue twister lol.

and there’s a site called Dum Spiro Spero, which is based on Dir en Grey’s new album, Dum Spiro Spero.

And you know what? There’s a lot of bloody pictures from the making of Hageshisa PV and I’m gonna share couple of them here

Warning! You might find these pictures gross but I think these pictures are awesome!


Who wants to touch Shinya’s back? 😄 I guess if I have a chance I’d love to touch his back XDDD Hahaha I think some of you will think these pictures are kinda disturbing, eh? Am I just the only one who giggle a little after seeing those cute little pompoms on Kyo for the CG effect?

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GACKT Will Perform Episode. 0 on NHK Music Japan Next Week (17/07/2011)

Yes, He’ll perform episode. 0 on Music Japan next week, and I hope he’ll wear that kamui gakupo’s wig because he’s so freakin’ gorgeous with that purple long hair (*Q*)/. Oh about the tempest thing, everytime I watch the trailer on NHK, I can’t stop laughing because he looks really really weird with that braided hair 😄