[REVIEW] Broadchurch (2013)


Broadchurch is an 8 episode British television crime drama created and written by Chris Chibnall.  The story starts when the body of an eleven-year-old boy was found on the beach. It wasn’t not a suicide case, but a murder case. Who could possibly murder an innocent boy? Furthermore, Broadchurch is a small town with a low crime rate and the people who live there know each other.  Detective Investigator Alec Hardy (David Tennant) who once failed to catch the killer for Sandbrook case, and Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) work together to catch the killer. As the investigation begins, Skeletons start to come out from closet. The dark pasts, the dark sides of the people who live in Broadchurch start to reveal.

I genuinely think that Broadchurch is a worth watching TV show. Because first, Broadchurch is not only about finding the killer, but it shows us, how this incident affect the victim’s family and Throughout the episodes, we can see the Latimer family trying to cope and to let go. Second, the main theme of Broadchurch is paedophilia and adultery.  Those are delicate/sensitive issues, but I think Chris Chibnall made me realize that in some cases, pedophilia is a grey zone issue, like Beth and Mark, Chloe and Dean, and of course Jack Marshall. Sometimes it’s not what you think it is. You think you know them, but you don’t know their stories. Just like Alec Hardy’s past.

“People are unknowable. You can never know what goes on inside someone else’s heart” – D.I Alec Hardy

One OK Rock Europe and Asia Tour 2013


One OK Rock is finally coming to Jakarta this year! I definitely wouldn’t miss this for the world.  They haven’t announced anything yet except for the date and the venue. The concert will be held at Skeeno Hall, Gandaria CIty, the same place as Jrock Evolution last year. Well, let’s just hope that the ticket price won’t be too high because there will be Jrock Evolution again this year in Jakarta.

If you haven’t heard of this band, here take a minute and listen

Do you want more? Sure thing, here you go

[Review] Santouka Ramen

First, I should say that this is the best ramen in town. I’ve been there couple of times and I can say that I am satisfied with the food and of course the service. The atmosphere of the restaurant itself is very nice, with dim lights but not too dark so we can still see clearly. Santouka Ramen is very crowded especially during lunch time.



When we arrived, we were served with a glass of cold water even before we order the ramen. It’s actually very usual in Japan, where we go to some restaurants and they’ll serve us a glass of water immediately after we sit down. 

I always choose Chasu ramen with shio broth/soup everytime I go there because the soup itself tastes magnificent and the chasu is thick and delicious too. Santouka is a hokkaido style ramen, I’m not quite sure but the noodles and the toppings are different than Sanpachi or Marutama ramen. Santouka’s chasu ramen is served with bambooshoots, mushroom, kamaboko (fish paste or naruto), and umeboshi.

The staffs are friendly, the price is reasonable (70K-100K), the foods are great. Overall, Santouka ramen is a worth trying restaurant.