The Fault in Our Stars Official Cover

Well, John Green just updated his tumblr and uploaded his new video on youtube. Yesterday he said on twitter that he’ll share the cover with us and yeah he share the cover of his new book, The Fault in Our Stars. To be honest, if I’m not a fan of John Green’s book or if I’m just a girl who’s looking for something to read, I definitely won’t pick that book and buy it. The cover of the book is too plain, too simple and too boring. There’re no stars, only clouds.

If John Green and the Penguin group want new readers, with a book cover like that you won’t get any new readers. People will just pass it without even bother to pick the book and read the summary. As a nerdfighter, I’m okay with that cover because us, nerdfighter, don’t judge book by it’s cover but you should remember that there’s a lot of people out there who judge book by it’s cover.

Before the official cover came out, I’ve been looking at The Fault in Our Stars covers made by nerdfighteria. They were all freaking awesome and then this came out. I was like “Oh my gosh… Look at the difference, it’s the cover that made by a pro but it doesn’t look like one”

I’m just a bit upset because I love every John Green’s book and I love all of the book covers from Looking for Alaska until Will Grayson Will Grayson. I just want you to know, that this book cover isn’t worth for all the signing madness you do until now.

About VidCon 2012 and I

I just opened my email, and then I saw something that attracts me. It’s from VidCon team and the subject is “VidCon 2012 Registration”. I was really excited so I double clicked the email even though I didn’t have too. Here’s what I saw right after I clicked it.

Oh my goodness! They already open the registration and the 3rd annual Vidcon will be held at Anaheim Convention Center, California on June 28th, 29th and 30th 2012. They have 3 kind of passes: 40$, 80$, or 300$. it’s all up to you.

If I lived in America, I will triple click that button while saying Yes! Yes! I’d love to attend VidCon, complete the registration and buy my 80$ pass. But unfortunately I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m very very excited about VidCon but too bad I can’t attend Vidcon.

I always have this dream. In my dream, I went to VidCon alone and I had a really good times there. Met John Green and asked him to sign every hardcover of his books that I have.

Met Hank Green, watched hime singing I’m not Edward Cullen withThe Katherine and took photos with them. I met Mike Lombardo, watched him singing Caroline and took photos with him. I always read on tumblr that Mike Lombardo is a really nice person so in my dream, mike lombardo that I met is a nice guy too 😄 I met lots of people too! Like Chameleon Circuit, IJustine, ALL CAPS, EMT, and Fine Bros

Eventhough I could afford the pass, I couldn’t go there because I don’t have themoney to buy plane tickets and the hotel. I’m pretty sad because I really want to meet John Green, my favorite author. Being able to see him with my own eyes must be an incredible feeling.


[LYRICS] Fukuyama Masaharu – Kazoku ni Narou yo (福山雅治 家族になろうよ ć­ŒčŠž)

Romaji :

Hyakunen tatte mo sukideite ne

Minna no mae de komarasetari

Soredemo tonari de waratte kurete

Erande kurete arigatou

Dore hodo fukaku shinji atte mo

Wakaranai koto mo aru deshou

Sono kodoku to yorisoi ikiru koto ga

Aisuru toyuu koto kamo shirenaikara

Itsuka otousan mitai ni ookina senaka de

Itsuka okaasan mitai ni shizukana yasashisa de

Donna koto mo koete yukeru

Kazoku ni narou yo


Chiisana koro wa karada ga yowakute

Sugu ni naite amaete ita no

Itsumo jibun no koto bakari seiippaide

Oyakoukou nante dekitenaikedo

Ashita mo watashi wa sorehodo

Kawarenai toshitemo

Ippo zutsu atae rareru hito kara

Ataeru hito e kawatte yuketanara

Itsuka ojiichan mitai ni mukuchina tsuyosa de

Itsuka obaachan mitai ni kawaii egao de

Anata to nara ikite ikeru

Sonna futari ni narou yo


Itsuka anata no egao ni yoku nita otokonoko to

Itsuka watashi to onaji nakimushina onnanoko to

Donna koto mo koete ikeru

Kazoku ni narou yo


Anata to nara ikite ikeru

Shiawase ni narou yo


Kanji :