[Golden Bomber] Memeshikute -Kpop Version- PV

This is why I love Golden Bomber, they can make a parody from their own song. As you can see they make a Korean version of memeshikute. No, they don’t change the lyrics into korean, just the PV, the dress, and the dance routines. Here’s the the thing, to be honest, I don’t like K-pop at all.  In fact I hate them. Yes, all the boybands and the girlbands. I hate them all. I’ve had enough of K-pop.  I can’t help wondering,  “don’t you get tired watching those K-pop boybands dancing and singing?” I mean, they’re not even good. how can you like them?

Speaking of the PV itself, lol it’s really funny and they look like complete idiots wearing those shorts and those wigs XD. But that’s why I love Golden Bomber XDDD


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