Blog Response to Alex Reads Creation

Curious why I make a blog response to Alex’s Video? Well, I’m not a religious person, in fact I’m an atheist. Actually his video is about him, reading a bible and he makes a comment about it. I thought this video is not an insult at all. Well, maybe it’s a little offensive if you’re a very religious person because for me it’s actually very funny. I like it when someone doesn’t afraid to speak his/her opinion when they got one. I live in a country where the majority of the population is moslem. So maybe if I make a video about Al’Quran and upload it on youtube like Alex Day did, maybe those Islam fanatics will hunt me and burn my house down lol.  Whatever your religion is, I guess it’s basically the same. Do the good things and avoid the bad things. I mean what’s the point of pray to God everyday, every morning, every night but you still do bad things like stealing something. What’s the point of going to Mosque and pray but after that you craft a bomb and place it to a crowded place so you can kill innocent people. Do you think God will forgive you? Don’t be ridiculous, who do you think you are?

Ok, everyone has their own beliefs and I have my own belief. And just like michael Aranda said, I say “Oh my god” because it’s a colloquial phrase. When I say “a drop in the bucket” I’m not talking about a real bucket. Actually I laughed so hard when Alex whistles and imitates God walking in Eden XDDDDDD it was an epic moment! When you ask people, “Do you believe in God?” You must unpack the question and define God and believe. After that ask yourself.


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