[Dir En Grey] Dum Spiro Spero Limited Site

Do you remember this PV from Dir En Grey? Yeah it’s Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami. Actually I still wonder, why did Kyo make such a fucking long title for this song. It’s like a tongue twister lol.

and there’s a site called Dum Spiro Spero, which is based on Dir en Grey’s new album, Dum Spiro Spero.

And you know what? There’s a lot of bloody pictures from the making of Hageshisa PV and I’m gonna share couple of them here

Warning! You might find these pictures gross but I think these pictures are awesome!


Who wants to touch Shinya’s back? 😄 I guess if I have a chance I’d love to touch his back XDDD Hahaha I think some of you will think these pictures are kinda disturbing, eh? Am I just the only one who giggle a little after seeing those cute little pompoms on Kyo for the CG effect?

source : http://www.direngrey.co.jp/DUMSPIROSPERO/index.php


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