[Chameleon Circuit] Still Got Legs

Chameleon Circuit is a British rock band known for their Trock. Trock is Time Lord Rock and it’s invented by Alex Day.It refers to the popular science-fiction series from UK, Doctor Who.  Chameleon Circuits members are Alex Day, Charlie Mcdonell, Liam Dryden, Michael Aranda and Edd Blann. Chameleon Circuit’s former member is Chris Beattie.  Alex Day is a successful vlogger on youtube. He is the 6th most subscribed in United Kingdom. Alex Day is known as Nerimon on Youtube and you can find a song called Mrs. Nerimon, performed by Kristina Horner. Charlie Mcdonnell is a British Youtube Vlogger too. He lives at the same flat with Alex. Charlie also known as charlieissocoollike on youtube has over 1.000.000 subscribers. He also produced his own album called “This is Me”.

This is Chameleon Circuit before Edd Blann and Michael Aranda joined

And this is the new formation of Chameleon Circuit! Yaaay~ for Michael Aranda :”3

(From left to right : Liam Dryden, Edd Blann, Charlie Mcdonnell, Michael Arand, and Alex Day)

The important thing about Chameleon Circuit is,

“You don’t have to like or know about Doctor Who to like Chameleon Circuit”.

Still Got Legs is their second album. You can now buy the physical CD on DFTBA Records. or you can buy it from itunes for like $10. My favorite song so far from Still Got Legs is Everything is Ending.

If you’re new and you don’t have any idea about this band at all, I think you should listen to their first album named after the band itself, Chamelon Circuit.

I recommend you to listen Regenerate, Exterminate first or maybe you can listen to Shipwrecked and K9’s Lament.


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