[Chameleon Circuit] Still Got Legs

Chameleon Circuit is a British rock band known for their Trock. Trock is Time Lord Rock and it’s invented by Alex Day.It refers to the popular science-fiction series from UK, Doctor Who.  Chameleon Circuits members are Alex Day, Charlie Mcdonell, Liam Dryden, Michael Aranda and Edd Blann. Chameleon Circuit’s former member is Chris Beattie.  Alex Day is a successful vlogger on youtube. He is the 6th most subscribed in United Kingdom. Alex Day is known as Nerimon on Youtube and you can find a song called Mrs. Nerimon, performed by Kristina Horner. Charlie Mcdonnell is a British Youtube Vlogger too. He lives at the same flat with Alex. Charlie also known as charlieissocoollike on youtube has over 1.000.000 subscribers. He also produced his own album called “This is Me”.

This is Chameleon Circuit before Edd Blann and Michael Aranda joined

And this is the new formation of Chameleon Circuit! Yaaay~ for Michael Aranda :”3

(From left to right : Liam Dryden, Edd Blann, Charlie Mcdonnell, Michael Arand, and Alex Day)

The important thing about Chameleon Circuit is,

“You don’t have to like or know about Doctor Who to like Chameleon Circuit”.

Still Got Legs is their second album. You can now buy the physical CD on DFTBA Records. or you can buy it from itunes for like $10. My favorite song so far from Still Got Legs is Everything is Ending.

If you’re new and you don’t have any idea about this band at all, I think you should listen to their first album named after the band itself, Chamelon Circuit.

I recommend you to listen Regenerate, Exterminate first or maybe you can listen to Shipwrecked and K9’s Lament.

GACKT Will Perform Episode. 0 on NHK Music Japan Next Week (17/07/2011)

Yes, He’ll perform episode. 0 on Music Japan next week, and I hope he’ll wear that kamui gakupo’s wig because he’s so freakin’ gorgeous with that purple long hair (*Q*)/. Oh about the tempest thing, everytime I watch the trailer on NHK, I can’t stop laughing because he looks really really weird with that braided hair 😄

[John Green] The Fault In Our Stars

Yesterday, young adult novel author, John Green revealed the new title of his book, “The Fault In Our Stars” which is now #1 bestsellers on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. You can even pre order it on Amazon for like $9.89. John Green also said on youtube videos that he’ll sign every single copies of The Fault In Our Stars. How cool is that? I was like, “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay” when I first heard him saying that he’ll sign the book. because maybe I’m the only nerdfighter who live in Indonesia. 😄 I want to meet other nerdfighters too~.

He hasn’t decided the cover of the book yet, but I’m sure the cover will be amazing though. It’s John Green afterall 😄 The book itself will be released on May 21 2012. Oh, his brother Hank Green  said that he already read The Fault In Our Stars and it makes me jealous because I want to read it as soon as possible x3

I might sound like a crazy nerdfighter, but I’ve pre-ordered it from Amazon. :>

click on this link to pre-order it : http://www.amazon.com/Fault-Our-Stars-John-Green/dp/0525478817/ref=zg_bs_books_1 

Youtube Singers

Recently, I’m really into youtube singers and I find them really interesting.  It’s all thanks to Vlogbrothers John Green who introduce me to Hank Green, Charlie Mcdonnell, and Tom Milsom. They don’t cover someone elses songs but they make their own unique songs  with unique lyrics and with various instruments, from piano to  ukulele

1. Tom Milsom

My favorite songs from Tom milsom are Imperfections and a Little Irony, Imperfections lyric is so touching and beautiful, my favorite line is, “His imperfections make him look beautiful to you”. I love his ballad songs. You definitely have to hear this song. Go find it on youtube (>W<)/

2. Hank Green

Hank Green is John Green’s brother. Well, John Green is my favorite author XD. My favorite songs from Hank Green are I’m not Edward Cullen and It All Makes Sense at the End. When I first saw the title of the song, I thought this song was a joke to mock Edward cullen and Twilight XD. But then, when I finished listening to that song, I was like, “Waaah~ It’s funny but it’s really beautiful” This is my favorite line from I’m Not Edward Cullen, “The only thing you think you need, is the one thing I can never be.” You have to open youtube and search hank green, now

3. Charlie Mcdonnell

This boy with the most beautiful smile ever has some catchy nerdy songs that will make you push replay button over and over again.  My favorite songs from Charlie are A Song About Monkey, Duet With Myself, and Chemical Love.  I have the EP of Charlie and most of the songs are really really good. Favorite lines from Chemical Love is this, “I thought there was a spark, but it didn’t light the flame.”


Now, about Nico Nico singer, can you suggest few singers who make their own songs to me? I’m just curious.

Please tell me!