[GACKT] Yellow Fried Chickenz New Formation 2011

Apparently GACKT added some new members for Yellow Fried Chickenz Tour 2011.  He added Shinya from Luna Sea as the drummer.  Too bad we couldn’t see funny Jun-ji on stage (;_;). He also made U:ZO joinedYFC as a bassist, Takumi as a guitarist and Jon as the vocalist. Wait, did I write vocalist? o____O Well, maybe he’ll do a duet with GACKT. Idk, that guy is always full of surprise. U:ZO and Takumi used to play for Miyavi. and again, I miss Ju-Ken soooooooooo bad (T________T) He was like the best and the sexiest bassist ever. Here they are, with the new formation!

Badass GACKT (Vo.)                  Chachamaru (Gt.)              Vampire YOU (Gt.)  


Shinya (Dr.)                                        U:ZO (Ba.) 


Sleepyhead Jon (Vo.)                Curly Takumi (Gt.)



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