Rumah Stroberi, Bandung, Indonesia

Location : Setiabudi – Bandung

rating :

You know what I love about this restaurant? I love everything about this restaurant ハート. I love the ambience, the view, the food, the service, and of course I love the price きゃー I recommend you to visit the restaurant around 11 in the morning because there’ll be only a few of people. well I don’t like a noisy place えへ  oh you can even pick your own strawberries at rumah stroberi いちご いちご

The lasagna there is nice even though the size is a little bit too small for a big girl like me 笑

and here’s the bolognaise spaghetti ダウン

and here’s the fresh strawberry juice

here’s the strawberry pancake

the pancake is quiet thick and fluffy and the taste is delicious and mix perfectly with the strawberry sauce and the ice cream きらきら. I love it.


2 thoughts on “Rumah Stroberi, Bandung, Indonesia

  1. Do you have their phone no.? I’m trying to arrange a trip for my big family of 21 adults and 13 kids. Can the place accomodate a big party like mine? Also, how is the road condition toward this place? Is it big enough for a regular bus to go through? Thanks in advance for your info.

    • Here’s the contact person :
      (Office) 022 91144274
      (Harum Sayekti) 081 2249 2728
      (Daniswara) 0813 2175 7892

      The complete address of Rumah Stroberi :
      Jl. Cigugurgirang 145 Parongpong

      Well, I guess they can arrange it for you and you can contact them. The place itself is big enough so I think you can use this place for your party, especially if there’s a lot of kids. ^ ^
      It is big enough for bus but to be honest, the road isn’t smooth. The parking lot is pretty big though.

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