EXILE – Ontama

hahaha, I laughed so hard when I watched this video 😄 Takahiro is a pervert ne XDD They asked TAKAHIRO if there’re secrets between EXILE’s member and he answered he doesn’t really know but he said he’s the one who has a secret. and the secret is, he has been wearing red underwear recently XDDD and then TAKAHIRO showed his red underwear to the camera lol XDD 

the next question is about news that they’re concerned with, and then Naoto answered that he’s concerned with the news about panda that comes to Japan. TAKAHIRO and Tetsuya yelled at naoto immediately, they yelled,”You’re definitely lying”. (They knew that Naoto isn’t concerned abot the panda at all XD) I cracked up when they yelled at Naoto XDDDD

The last question is about the thing that they’re currently interested. Testsuya answered, vacuum cleaner robot, Rumba XDDD (I want that vacuum cleaner too XD)


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