GACKT’s New Hairstyle for 2011 XD

hmm… you can’t see it really well huh? how about this one?

I think his new hair fits him so well <3, it shows his manly side more right?


7 thoughts on “GACKT’s New Hairstyle for 2011 XD

  1. R.I.P., GACKT’s BEAUTIFUL… black… long… hair… Q___Q
    I LOVED his YFC and RRII hairstyles… … Why, GACKT?! WHY?!?!?!

    Well… His new hair reminds me of the good old days… But still… Q_Q

  2. He looks younger :”?~ remind me of what his hairstyle used to be ( around 06 ~ 07? idk )
    lol I prefer him vs his black hair around 09~10
    he looks skinnier ; ; did he lose weight ?~

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