American Idol Isn’t Worth Watching Anymore

I think without Simon Cowell, american idol is just a truck without the driver in it. It’s already became worse when I saw the top 24 where Jaycee and Chris Medina didn’t make it. But now it’s the worst, my only favorite singer on American Idol, Brett Loewenstren, has been eliminated.

How Come? A big big questionmark pop out of my head. I know I can’t blame it on America for choosing Scotty over Brett, but still…. *sighs* I’m so dissapointed T____T

Speaking of Brett who was being bullied in his school, please, don’t be a bully. Whether it’s on the net or in the real life, don’t just bully someone who is smaller, weaker than you or bully someone because you just envy him/her. We all know that bullying is a bad thing, you can’t just bully people physically or with words. words hurt you know. if you see someone being bullied, stand up and stop them, don’t just watch or walk away as if you don’t see it.


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