[Personal] Self Reflection 1

Sorry, this new post isn’t GACKT related or Japanese related m(_ _)m

I just realized that I’ve lost something inside me. I used to have it when I was in highschool and when I was entering college.
but now I lost it. I LOST THE PASSION.
I re-read my old posts (2008-2009) on ameblo. I was so ambitious, I was so passionate back then. but now… I’m not. not at all.
How come? I asked that to myself too, but I couldn’t find the answer.

I used to workhard with all my might to get a high GPA. Yes, I did have a perfect GPA twice.
Why can’t I be more passionate doing my thesis? I’m doing it half-assedly and I know about that but I don’t do anything because I’ve lost the passion.
I was smiling while reading my old posts about exams, GPA, stupid lecturers, killer lecturers, yaoi, love, friendship, family, painful and joy memories. I was smiling because I looked back and thinking how passionate I was back then, how naive, how straightforward, how childish, how ambitious I was. of course I was smiling at my bad bad english grammar too. *My english grammar is still bad*

But looking back like that, made me think, can I get that passion back? can I get that ambitious kid back in me? the answer is I can If I want and now I’m trying to get it back.


One thought on “[Personal] Self Reflection 1

  1. I’ve felt like this too, well, I still do. University changes a lot of things… when I started going to uni, I even stopped doing all the things I really liked – 4 years later and I’m only starting to get my motivation and passion back. I think as long as you realise you’ve lost it, and are trying to get it back, it won’t be long before you can regain it, just hang in there! :3

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