[BALI] Goody’s Italian Restaurant

Address : Jln. Double Six Beach Legian, Kuta, Bali (Near Jayakarta Hotel)

Well, Suddenly we were hungry even though we already had  Mak Beng Fish soup (Sup Ikan Mak Beng) and Macaroni and cheese, so we decided to take a walk and search for a night snack. We stood in front of a small restaurant called Goody’s. We looked at the menu, and the price was not too expensive. (1 pan of pizza = Rp. 45.000, 1 portion of pasta, from Rp. 30.000 , so we ended up eating there. They have a lot of variations for pizza and pasta. But since we already had dinner, we only ordered 1 pan of pizza. *forgot what was the name of the pizza* 😄 it’s quiet big and enough for 3 of us. The smell was yummy and it tasted delicious too.

so, imo it was yummy, good price, and best for night snack ;P


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