GACKT Wants to Get Married Again?

In this magazine, GACKT said that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and he might get married again.

I think it might be good for GACKT, he has been working so hard for his fans and for himself for more than 10 years. But, the problem is, it’s hard to find a girlfriend who doesn’t go for his looks or for his money or for his fame only. All the women in this world are willing to get married with GACKT but how many of them are willing to get married not because he is GACKT? 


5 thoughts on “GACKT Wants to Get Married Again?

  1. I would love to see him in love and happy with his very own special someone.
    So long as the fans who gave his first wife hell never find out where they live, they’d be golden. If I ever, ever had to deal with them it would be no holds barred.

  2. I just randomly found your site — and I wanted to say.

    You are right, who will love him for HIM and not GACKT? That will be hard for him to find. It couldn’t be just a fan, his Dears’s only know GACKT they don’t know the real him. What he likes, dislikes, eats, how he sleeps, his ups and downs.

    I can see at least half of the people who want to ‘marry’ him going “HELLZ NO!” If he lost his money, or his looks, or what ever. :/

    I do want him to be though. Best of luck finding that girl GACKT. haha

  3. hi gakuto kamui i am Merve from turkey but i am born in sweden but i will be a actor but i love my family and i have a sick older brother and my mum have problem whit hers heart so i will be with my family and i dont care abaut you and your popularity. be care fully about your family Gackuto Kamui

  4. You’re right! I think it will be hard finding someone that loves him for HIM. He worked so hard for 15 years only for his fans he should try to enjoy his own life too. I just hope he finds someone who doesn’t go for his fame,looks or money. But personally I think he should only spend more time with someone cuz I don’t think there’s a woman in this world who won’t fall hard for him if she knows the real him! I’m the first example for this! I haven’t met him in person yet but even so I’m falling head over heals! His way of doing thinks or even just speaking is irresistible.

  5. I would marry Gackt. But not because he’s Gackt. I’d marry him because he’s just as strange as I am. I think he’s funny, creative, kind, and overall just beautiful in his heart. I read a translation of Jihaku, and if I didn’t know how handsome or how wealthy he was, I’d still have found him to be an interesting and unique individual that I would love to at least be friends with, and if he asked me to marry him, I would certainly accept.

    But I would be so happy for Gackt if he found that special someone and got married. I think after all he’s gone through, he deserves true love.

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