I miss the old Takuya Matsuoka (サーターアンダギー)

I know that he didn’t recognize me. I know that maybe he already forgot about me. Because I’m just one of his blog reader back then. I know that he is busy now, since he’s on hekisagon show. But still, I miss the old him (>3<)/ Whenever I comment on his blog, He replies it and comments about what I wrote on my blog. Because He can’t speak english and my blog readers back then can’t read english either, I wrote it in Japanese.

I asked him once, are you a singer or something? He replied, no I’m not, but I want to be a singer.

But I’m happy that he already made his debut with サーターアンダギー

Here’s one of his comment :


3 thoughts on “I miss the old Takuya Matsuoka (サーターアンダギー)

  1. wahhh sama.. aku juga merasakan hal kaya gitu T_____T
    kangen waktu aku mashi kenal sama takuya…
    dia sering punya banyak waktu balas komen2 darku dan masuk ke blogku meski tulisan bhs inggris ttp aja dia komen..
    dia ga ngerti bhs inggris bhs jepangku juga pas2an tapi dia org pertama yg bilang bhs jepangku lumayan ><
    kangen juga sama takuya yang dulu.. tapi seneng sih skrg impian dia terkabul.. dia udah jadi artis sekarang ^^b

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