5 Concerts That I’d Love to See

Well, here they are :

1. GACKT’s Concert (Yes, GACKT’s concert or live is definitely my number one because each of his concert has a unique storyline and I love it. I would like to see him singing U+K live with my own eyes and I’d like to see him doing those weird dance movements lol)

2. EXILE’s Concert (If it is possible, I want to see Atsushi or TAKAHIRO crying on stage again, but I guess it’s impossible 😄 What makes me want to see EXILE’s concert? The reason must be because the concert is always full of joy (>3<)b I can feel that they were doing it wholeheartedly not half-assedly and they’re not lipsync ❤  I love it when they sing choo choo train and doing choo choo train’s signature dance 😄 I was captivated by their ballad songs <3)

3. Ikimonogakari’s Concert (Why? because I love their songs so much. and kiyoe yoshioka san’s voice is amazing. I’d love to see her singing Kaeritakunattayo (T3T) and I’ll cry for sure >_<

4. Funky Monkey Babys’s concert (Some of you might laugh, but I guess their concert is worth to watch. I watched their concert once on NHK and I was like, “OMG~ I really want to go to their concert” XD)

5. Ayumi hamasaki’s concert (I watched her concert when I was 13 years old and ayumi hamasaki was my first japanese female singer . Her concert is full of interesting dance movements. XD)



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