Platinum Egoiste Anyone?

Well, I’ve been searching for this perfume everywhere but I still can’t find it. I want the authentic one (*O*)/

Some people said that it smells heavenly some people said it smells disgusting 😄

but some people said, “IT’S GACKT SCENT” 😄

One of my online friend said to me that her boyfriend wears Platinum Egoiste too. She said that she loved it if her boyfriend wears Platinum Egoiste before they’re making love. She said to me,”It’s like making love with GACKT” lol XDDD I feel sad for her boyfriend 😄

I know that this perfume isn’t unisex, but still… I want GACKT’s scent inside my room 😄

I watched a review for this perfume and I lol-ed so hard XDD

He told us not to spray Platinum Egoiste more than 3 times or you’ll kill people with your smell 😄 But I bet, G sprayed it like hundred times lol so I might collapse if I stand near him 😄

Oh right, I really need an information here

Where can I buy Chanel Platinum Egoiste in Jakarta, Indonesia since I couldn’t find it everywhere

Camui G School Cooperative Store Goods

You can see all of them here

some things look like a “cheap” thing for example this one eventhough it’s not cheap at all. 1890 yen is expensive  :

I am so not buying this pouch lol *getting slapped by GACKT*

it makes me wonder, who design this pouch? 😄

Things that I want :

I want this ribbon tie w(* q *)w and I want this bag too

and I’m not really into those eronika notebooks too. 😄

If someone gives me the towel, I’ll accept it for sure lol

So, if you have money, which one will you buy?

The Making of STARGACKS Logo

I made STARGACKS logo from scratch, if you want to make one yourself, you only need coreldraw, mouse/touchpad/pen tablet, and hands 😄

The first thing I made was the head first, and then the crown, after that I made the body, and the last part is the hand. you need 2 hands right? All you have to do is duplicate and reverse it. Tadaaa! it goes the same for the eye too (^w^)b

The next thing to do is install new fonts if you don’t have FreightSansFamily fonts. (I notice that FreightSans wasn’t the one that GACKT used for his STARGACKS logo, but nevermind, if you use coreldraw you can change it so it tooks the same as the real one)

Don’t forget the double circle guys (^O^)/ The last thing to do is to put some colours on it

And in the end it will look like this

Not that hard right? 😄

Happy trying (>w<)b

First Post :3

Yaaay… this is my first post

well, my main blog is on ameblo, I usually put my ramblings on ameblo 😄 I do have some other blogs too like yaplog, multiply, LiveJournal but I rarely update it 😄

I’ll update this site frequently but of course, this site will be full of GACKT 😛